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Need an automobile mechanician

StarOfService.com - spacer Lahore, Punjab
What needs work? Engine. How many miles on the car? 36,000 - 60,000. What is your car's year, make and model? 2008. Anything else the automobile mechanician should know? no. When do you need auto repair services? Tuesday 20 February 2018 (20/02/2018). At what time? 01:30. For how long? 5. Where ca... [more]

Need a caterer

StarOfService.com - spacer Pakistan
What do you need catered? Dinner. What type of catering do you need? Buffet - with servers. What kind of event? Wedding reception. What type of staff do you need? Set up. Server(s). Which cuisines would you consider? Pakistani. What is your expected guest count? More than 200. What is your estimated... [more]

Need an interior designer

StarOfService.com - spacer Pakistan
What is the scope of work? Design of 1-2 rooms. What spaces do you want to improve? Living room. Master bedroom. What services do you need? Space planning / layout. Color palette / paint selection. Lighting. Window treatments. Flooring. Accessories / art. How would you describe your style? Check all... [more]

Need a group of wedding music

StarOfService.com - spacer Lahore, Punjab
When would you like the band to play? Wedding ceremony. What kind of band would you like? Big band. What style of music would you like performed? Jazz. Do you want singing as well as instrumentals? Yes, vocals and instrumental. Do you need a host / emcee? Yes. How many guests do you expect? 200-300.... [more]

Need a photographer

StarOfService.com - spacer Sialkot, Punjab
What kind of photoshoot do you want? Wedding / Engagement. In what formats do you want your images? CD / DVD. Album. What's your estimated budget? Rs800 or more. When do you need photography? Tuesday 01 January 2019 (01/01/2019). At what time? 03:00. For how long? 4. Where can the photography occu... [more]

Need a bartender

StarOfService.com - spacer Sialkot, Punjab
What kind of event? Wedding rehearsal. Venue details : Public venue - please describe. Will you need a portable bar? No, the venue has a bar. Beverage types : Non-alcoholic. Who will provide the alcohol and/or beverages? Host will supply the drinks. How will the bartenders be paid? By host. Are tip ... [more]

Need a curtains specialist

StarOfService.com - spacer Karachi, Sindh
Project type : Install. What kind of drapery? I'm not sure. What kind of material? Silk. Location : Home. Anything else the curtains specialist should know? with lining. When do you need drapes? Friday 22 June 2018 (22/06/2018). At what time? 04:00. [more]

Need a marriage registration

StarOfService.com - spacer Sialkot, Punjab
What type of ceremony? Wedding. What affiliation is your ceremony? Muslim. How many guests? More than 200. I'm not sure yet. Do you need help writing your vows? Yes. Will marriage officiant need to be at the rehearsal? Yes. What is the date and time of your rehearsal? Date and time has not yet been ... [more]

Need a recording studio

StarOfService.com - spacer Lahore, Punjab
What kind of recording? Vocals and instruments. What kind of music are you recording? Country. How many songs would you like to record? 1. Anything else? Mixing. Mastering. Editing. When do you need audio recording? Wednesday 20 June 2018 (20/06/2018). At what time? 04:00. For how long? 4. Where c... [more]

Need a wedding planner

StarOfService.com - spacer Sialkot, Punjab
Have you selected a venue yet? No, I need help identifying venues. What do you need help planning? Budget prep. Detailed task checklist. Attendee list prep. Venue identification and selection. Reception planning. Rehearsal dinner planning. Ceremony planning. What vendors do you need help selecting? ... [more]
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