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To keep learning in an ever changing environment in order to adapt, is what the key objective of any person should be, as formal schooling is not the sole stepping stone in one’s life; it is a never ending process. As Socrates puts it, “I am the best of beings, for I know one thing and that is that I know nothing”. I have been in the private Sector for over 3 decades now; broadly as a Teacher, Administrator, Co-ordinator, Lecturer, Psychologist and Manager Operations. I allowed myself to grow, both as human being and as a professional. Whereas before my interactions were limited to students and the staff; in due course these extend to a much wider scale to institutions in Pakistan and abroad, e.g. various Universities and Governmental Organizations etc. I have spent many years training professionals to become better educators, better communicators, spent many years establishing and running an organization that prides itself on being the single largest university in London, recruiting and counselling the maximum numbers of applicants and converting them to student. In the words of Albert Einstein, “knowing is not important, understanding is”. Effective communication comes naturally with years of experience as an educator, having to deal with thousands of students, families and other stakeholders. I qualified in Applied Psychology, specializing in Clinical Psychology, from the Department of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore. I have studied and worked in the best of institutes in Pakistan. I have always enjoyed a good rapport in my academic and professional career. Some of my inter personal skills are explained in detail and at length to support my statements I have given examples from my career. I sat for my IELTS and scored 8.5. English is a subject I have taught as a Language to many. One of my reserach papers for MSc was Socio Economic variation and its impact on Language as an Acquisition. Professionally, I have assisted and co authored reports for UN Projects. I have also had an exposure to working with the foreign donor agencies as an M&E specialist or consultant. Being a member of a family of the highest ranking civil-military bureaucracy, I have been a keen observer of the socio-economic developments from a ring side seat. Pakistan needs help, not just in the infrastructure, training, implementation, but more so, for objectively analyzing, monitoring and evaluation. In view, of my professional background in psychology and association with Board of Intermediate & Secondary School (BI &SE) Lahore, while in Salamat School introducing Matriculation, I am well positioned to contribute more effectively, to assess and assist in adjustment issues pertaining; Elementary, Primary and Secondary or Higher Education sector school students. I have been in the Education sector for over 30 years and fully comprehend its variant dynamics, I am a firm believer in delivering on time, regardless of the goals set before me or that I have set for my team. After joining City School Islamabad, in the late 80’s, the task was to make it functional, with curriculum development and a target of a 100 students set for the first year admission. A mean feat, but being well known within the educational and Government circles, I used my contacts, to deliver on time and in full. Over the years, I have learnt that if my team is not delivering then no matter what my pace, true potential cannot be realized. While at the London Metropolitan University, as Manager Operations, I was asked to create linkages between 10 local institutes in Pakistan. I am equipped not only to deliver at pace, but to go above and beyond of what is required, to set new benchmarks. Shortly after the target of 10 was set, due to my efforts we were in association with 19 schools. I developed an appraisal form for the staff while in Salamat School for Boys. A weekly, monthly, bi annual and annual appraisal of staff and curriculum was conducted to maintain a check and balance on what policies were designed and what was being delivered through class observation and parental feedback. I was in-charge of making a forecast of the budget allocation for the next year, as administrator. In Salamat, I envisaged that by opening an Advanced level school and a Matriculation stream, we could capitalize on our present student body, whilst providing quality education against generated revenue. Throughout my career I have held positions as an effective and responsible team member and a leader. Without effective communication with each team member, stakeholder, internal or external, one cannot create an environment conducive for teamwork and motivation. My communications skills have always reflected clarity. I have always maintained an open door policy for my team, cascading or escalating information, internally or externally, with integrity. Inter-dependence is what makes us prosper, not independence, according to Stephen Covey. I have been in communication with more than 20,000 students, parents and stakeholders such as Educational Institutions may it be Government or Private, Government Organizations (HEC, CSRU, PMRP) and the corporate sector. As a Principal, headmistress, coordinator I had to supervise a team of 8 to 54 members, on various platforms. I had to give them a vision, guidance, support, and facilitate them to perform their duties effectively and efficiently. I have never shied away from using my personal connections for the promotion of my organization. I feel it is essential to maintain a good rapport with all your stakeholders, and competitors alike. I enjoy a good professional rapport with many Heads, Country Managers, Principals and Vice Chancellors of various educational institutions, companies and Government organizations. The various fields I have been exposed to and looking after Pakistan for a UK based University’s International Regional office for over 7 years, has armoured me with a set of skills that I can use strategically for the benefit of educational institutions in Pakistan and the overall education system of the country. In this capacity, after a thorough research and analysis, I made recommendations which were welcomed and we developed collaborated programmes; signing MOUs with three local institutions. I have worked extensively on collaboration of the University programmes for inshore and off shore programmes on different modules, marketing our programmes to the local institutions. On submission of my market intelligence report and upon my advice, the University introduced Artificial Intelligence at the Under graduate level, and made Soft ware Engineering redundant, as students preferred to study it in Pakistan. I worked in the Education sector for 3 decades; broadly as a Teacher, Administrator, Co-ordinator, Lecturer, Psychologist and as Manager Operations. Counselling more than 20,000 students, making and grading over 10,000 exams, being affiliated with over a 100 educational institutions and a part of a few of the fastest growing educational institutions in Pakistan, are just a few opportunities my career has allowed me over the years. I believe in making calculated decisions, mitigating risks of my organization along the way and being true to the overarching principles that the organizations had. I took initiatives that proved beneficial in my career like: my appraisal forms for City School and Salamat School; High Achiever Award for Salamat School which made a mark on the student’s performances; introducing the Matriculation and A level scheme in Salamat that opened options for students and parents; inviting high profile Government players like the Education Minister for various initiatives; suggested, BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics courses for the University, while forcing the University to offer a country based scholarship programme enhancing the recruitment process and giving fair opportunity to all. Working with various educational institutes helped me gain exposure from the grass root to the University level. Only when the mindset from the grass root level is changed, will society adapt to a more holistic approach and change will occur. As I evolved, I polished my skills; an ability to work hard within the parameters of an organization while maximising the results at minimal cost. Work can never be done in isolation from the over arching goals of the organization: prioritising is key and planning essential. I have always maintained close liaisons with many Government Institutions, education regulating bodies, various educational institutions and politicians in Pakistan and overseas, through my civil and military bureaucracy family who have always helped in implementation of my visions. Unless we are able to provide basic education to all, we, as a nation can never come out of the inertia of an impoverished society. I am in total appreciation of the foreign donor agencies for uplifting and extending education within the reach of the common man. I have always been a visionary, never limiting myself in terms of short term delivery but always concentrated on creating a long term impact of collaboration or any project. In various supervisory positions held, I was required to forecast, carry out a cost-benefit analysis, stakeholder analysis, forecast the budgeting, plan, organize and then implement projects and programmes. In order, to achieve the desired results, I used performas, formats, and marketing tools for descriptive analysis. I am apt at computing skills like Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

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Full time
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Anywhere in  Canada

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Master's Degree  (MSc Applied Psychology) from University of the Punjab, Lahore  with 1st Class Marks / Grade / Class

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33 Years
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English  (Expert)

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