How to write a good CV

Gather tips for a successful CV

Not quite sure how to write a good CV on Gigajob? Here we would like to share some helpful tips on how to make your Gigajob job search successful. A few simple steps are to be followed and you are set to create that perfect job ad, which will help your CV catch the attention of prospective employers.

When you're using a job board you need a different CV than when you're applying to a company for a specific job. It should be a combination of a CV and a cover letter. The main objective is to help employers find your ad more easily. Once an employer has found your ad and contacted you, you will send your regular CV and other references. Read on and give that professional touch to your job search ad:

spacer The title
Most important: take your time for the title. The keywords you use in the title will be matched by the keywords employers use for their talent search. Make sure you use all important keywords in your title. Instead of "Looking for teaching job" write "Teacher, Secondary School, English, Chemistry". The title makes all the difference!
spacer The description
  • Explain, what kind of position you are looking for. If you are not exactly sure what kind of position you are looking for, give examples of what you might be able to do. For example: "I'm a secondary school teacher with my majors in English and Chemistry. I'm looking for positions in public and private schools. I'd also be interested in teaching night school or in private tutoring". But don't make the mistake of being too general. "I'm interested in any job" or "Anything" gives the impression that you aren't serious.
  • Next, list your qualifications. Your degree, your past and present positions and any further qualifications you've achieved are giving the employer an impression of who you are professionally. Don't leave anything out.
  • Last, but not least, don't forget to write about the type of contract. Mention, if you want to work full-time or part-time, on an hourly basis or only weekends/evenings. These things are important for employers.
spacer The picture
A nice picture is the icing on the cake. Make sure to select a picture which was taken in front of a neutral background and shows only your face from the neck upwards. A picture, where you're looking directly into the camera is always more appealing then one where you're looking the other way. And keep in mind: this isn't facebook, it's about giving a professional impression of yourself.

Follow those steps when creating your Gigajob job board CV and you will find your new position even faster! Good luck!

Your Gigajob Team